Benefits of Juicing

Welcome to simple health and fitness. I’m Angelina and I’m here with local Athens juice bar owner, Amy Lawrence. Amy co-owns Journey Juice on Prince Ave with her husband and brother. They gather fruits and vegetables daily from the farmers’ market and local farmers to make fresh, cold-pressed juices. A huge thank you to Amy who took the time to talk with me about the health benefits of drinking one juice a day and what it can do to your body.

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1. It’s very alkalizing for the body and most of us live in a very acidic state simply because of the number of processed foods with refined sugar that we ingest on a daily basis.

2. Since we are 70% water, most of us live dehydrated, when we eat, we think we’re hungry, but we’re just thirsty. When you drink plants, you’re able to get that structured water.

3. The other thing is drinking our cold-pressed juice here in Athens, you’re supporting our local farmers because it’s a way for them – when they have too much of something or they have the ugly fruits and veggies that they can’t sell, we can juice them, and they juice just as well.

4. You’d be amazed at how it changes your palette to where you crave better food. You’re just more likely to instead of eating four donuts, maybe you’ll just eat one or two. Just drink a juice with it to try to offset the refined sugar and things like that, because in the end we just all eat too much sugar; it’s what makes us sick.

Amy Lawrence’s passion and knowledge of juicing shines through in her voice and the way she treats her business and customers. Photo/Angelina Lewis

To kickstart your morning or for an afternoon cleanse, juice together one whole apple, a handful of spinach or kale and a cucumber. It’s jam packed with nutrient dense foods that will leave you feeling healthy, happy and ready to take on your day.

Thanks for listening. This has been Angelina with Amy Lawrence for simple health and fitness. Now go grab a juice.

Diablo Greens is cold-pressed with beet, cucumber, celery, romaine, kale, spinach, parsley, mustard greens, collard greens, jalapeño, habanero, Serrano and lemon. Photo/Angelina Lewis
Journey Juice in Athens, Georgia on Prince Ave. Photo/Angelina Lewis
Journey Juice in Athens, Georgia on Prince Ave. Photo/Angelina Lewis

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