3 Healthy Energy Boosts

Start with a Healthy Mindset

You’ve heard it over a million times:  mind over matter. Focus on making the most of each and every day and less about dreading the day ahead. Here are a few tips and tricks to physically keep you energized.

Take Cold Showers

Waking up feeling sluggish in the mornings? Step out of your comfort zone. Take a 2-minute cold shower every morning before starting your day. Research shows that taking ice cold showers can stimulate your brain, improve circulation and even combat depression. Taking it in the morning starts your day on the right foot. If you can take a cold shower, you can conquer whatever comes your way for the rest of the day.

Prep. Prep. Prep.

Plan out a huge breakfast that will give you energy to start and extend your day. Mornings can be hectic and rushed, therefore resorting to a energy-packed smoothie or pre-made breakfast casserole would do the trick.

For a filling smoothie, pre-cut and freeze your fruits, berries or vegetables the night before so you can simply grab and blend in the morning.

Planning meals with foods you like and look forward to eating can help carry you through your day. Packing a lunch the night before can take away the stress of scrambling the next morning and give you a few extra times to press snooze on the alarm.

Blend: 1 cup spinach + tangerine + banana + 1  cup almond/coconut milk + handful ice / water

Tea Time

It’s normal to feel a down-hill drag, towards the end of a non-stop day. It’s important to listen to your body and acknowledge that it’s running out of energy. Teas can be a healthy boost of energy when there is no time to nap or relax. Green, matcha, black and white teas all contain significant sources of caffeine and antioxidants to refresh and re-energize your body to get through the end of the day. Coffee contains similar antioxidants that are good in small doses and without any additives or refined sugars.

Try drinking a medium-roast coffee with just a dash of almond/coconut milk instead of cream/sugar.       Photo/Angelina Lewis

-Angelina Lewis




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